Colten Murphy

Hailing from the United States, Coach Colten is a data analyst by trade, but is better-known among his friends as a passionate (amateur) cook, breakfast lover and recreational exerciser. He spent his childhood outdoors playing every sport available to him and not much has changed since then. 


At college, Colten dabbled in kinesiology studies and started piecing the puzzle of becoming the healthiest version of himself. He also discovered a passion for cooking - and good food, more broadly – as well as CrossFit, in an effort to keep fit (and maintain his competitive edge). 

Through his personal experiences and extracurricular studies, Colten learned how to optimally use food as fuel for the body. He now enjoys the flexibility of enjoying his favourite foods, while providing his body the nutrients it needs. Finding what works best for each individual to become their healthiest self is what drives Colten to help others. Flexibility, consistency, and sustainability are some of his main building blocks!


  • CrossFit Level 1

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