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Colorful Food


I signed up with The Method Now after having worked with two other nutritionists. They were good, but their approach wasn't something that worked well for me personally. I like to know why I'm doing things, and I also like to record and track. After reading up on The Method Now's approach, I thought I would give it a go and hopefully be matched up with the right nutritionist who would understand my goals, my 'style' and my cultural background (and how much it influences my love for food!). I've been with The Method Now for over a year now, and I'm glad that I've stuck with it.


My coach, has an approach which suits me perfectly – we are constantly working together to fine-tune and tackle my goals, and I am always given the reason why  we do things.


The weekly check-ins are great for accountability, as well as being able to refer back to to see how far I've come. I honestly see this as an important investment not only in my physical health, but also my mental health. My coach has been such a great teacher, therapist, advisor and hype-woman! I highly recommend giving The Method Now a try.

—  Serena

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