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At The Method Now, our mission is to revolutionise the way you approach nutrition, simplifying and decluttering your life so that you can invest back into your most prized possession: you.​


While we are a nutrition company, we also focus on mindset, movement, behaviours, habits and self-care in all forms. Our services are completely customised to the clients we work with and it centres around slow, gradual change.



Our coaching is based on the relationships that we build with our clients, which is at the forefront of our coaching values. We believe that building trust and safety within the coaching container allows us to more accurately guide our clients, and creates a space for honest feedback and realistic actionables. 


We find the fine line between pushing you outside of your comfort zone and supporting you in navigating the unavoidable challenges that come along with change. 


If you know that you are ready to make a positive change in your life, let us help you. 

Megan Baker

"I 100% credit The Method and Laura for giving me everything in that no dietician or gym challenge has been able to do in 6 years. 

I have spent the last 6 years living in this endless diet/challenge culture. Restricting myself then binging. My desire to finalise everything at the end of my 13 weeks comes from a good space. I want to take the next step in my food freedom and see how I go with being accountable to only myself. I feel like a normal person living a normal life without obsessing over food 24/7. I really can’t thank the program enough.

Edith Heffernan

"I've had a Higher Accountability membership with The Method since December 2022. During that time, I have thrived in every area of my life. I have lost 9 kilos!


I am the lightest I have ever been as an adult. I have changed my relationship with food,  walked back into my CrossFit box, and hit multiple firsts! Health-wise, I have seen a significant drop in my HbA1c from 82 at my worst to 58 currently, and still falling with a chance of being completely medication free in a matter of months! My confidence levels are through the roof, and I am already planning the Summer I have dreamed of, and they say you can't lose weight in your 40s! I have a life coach in my pocket!

Brett Davidson

"I have had a fantastic experience working with The Method...


This whole experience has been so so beneficial for me, to learn about myself, my habits, and how they serve me, and to implement good strategies to make sure that I don’t turn into that crazy human.

Funnily enough, it’s really not about the food for me. I no longer have that ‘always have to be on a diet’ mentality, my relationship with alcohol is amazing, I feel like I have control over my emotions and my stress responses, my training has intensified and diversified, and I feel more empowered to nourish my body for what it can do – not how it looks!'



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