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Stephanie Schwarzer

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Coach Steph is a qualified Performance Nutrition Coach and after completing a Bachelor of
Science is now studying the Doctor of Medicine. She is passionate about health and wellness, and having been through her own growth and experiences wants to impart what she has learnt to as many people as possible. Steph has a keen interest in women’s health and empowering women with knowledge about how to sync their cycle with their nutrition, how to balance hormones, how to balance blood sugar, and how to feel energised, as well as gut health, and how all of these pillars impact body composition. She believes that it is not just how much you eat but also what and when you are eating.

Having worked in the nutrition industry for over 4 years, Steph has valuable experience in coaching a wide variety of clients, from fat loss to reverse dieting and muscle gain. These types of health journeys can be challenging, and with so many competing nutritional ideologies out there, Steph’s mission is to work alongside and with the client to not only find what personally works for them but also support and guide them through the highs and the lows. She understands that each client requires a custom and unique approach, and by using biofeedback and overall wellness, Steph understands how to ensure that each client is seeing progress and feels understood.

Steph became passionate about nutrition and fitness after navigating her own health and fitness journey. She found that her progress was amplified when she had a coach by her side and with accountability and new knowledge, incredible changes were made. This sparked the decision to become a nutrition coach. Steph enjoys an active lifestyle, incorporating running and pilates alongside daily walks. She also prioritises stress management and nervous system regulation, which can often be missing when aiming to achieve certain health outcomes.

With continual learning and growth within the field, Coach Steph is dedicated to enabling a transformative experience for her clients, both physically and mentally. She is excited to help achieve optimal body composition results for each client but doing it in a way that is sustainable and maintainable long term. Through holistic approaches, Coach Steph wants to help create an enriched, fulfilled, and healthy lifestyle for each of her clients.


  • Bachelor of Science, Major Genetics (UNSW)

  • Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 and 2 (Clean Health Fitness Institute)


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