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Aaron Troyer

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Coach Aaron brings a particularly unique background to our coaching team. A sports enthusiast his whole life and a qualified Mechanical Engineer (Colorado School of Mines, US), he’s found that his education and...


Amanda Bunn

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Coach Amanda's number one passion lies in exploring and developing human potential. She describes herself as a "student of the game" and is always looking to strengthen and question her understanding of human...


Caitlyn McClelland

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Coach Caitlyn has been super active her whole life. From competing in high-level netball and basketball as a teenager to powerlifting, bodybuilding and CrossFit’ting into her adult years. After becoming a personal trainer and...

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Ellen Kessling

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Along with support for optimising overall health and wellness, as a Dietitian, Ellen is qualified to treat a variety of health and nutrition-related concerns, including (but not limited to) digestive issues, hormonal...


Emilia Celermajer

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At a young age, Coach Emmy was “thrown in the deep end” where she spent the next 15 years, competing at a national level in backstroke and then water polo. She swapped the pool for a barbell in 2014 and continued...


Emma Morgan

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Fitness has always been a big part of Coach Emma’s life – in school, playing just about any sport you can think of, then working in the fitness industry for the last six years. Emma worked as a personal trainer while studying...


Georgia Bevan

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Coach Georgia’s aim is to empower athletes, from the “everyday” to the “elite”, to reach their potential by nourishing their bodies and simply enjoying the food they eat. She’s passionate about “health first”...


Jimena Ramirez

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Coach Jimena’s passion for nutrition stems from her own health and fitness journey. At age 14, she was diagnosed with Lupus and over the last 12+ years, Jimena has managed to go medication-free after working hard on...


Justin Larrance

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Coach Justin hails from Columbus, Ohio, and grew up playing and participating in several sports such as motocross, BMX, skateboarding, football, basketball, soccer, and much more! After graduating from school, an...

Kira Watson

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Coach Kira is an APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who owns a practice alongside a small gym. Since moving to Tassie, Kira has reignited her childhood love for gymnastics and become more involved in CrossFit, both...

Laura Witte

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A qualified nutritionist with a Bachelor in Food and Nutrition, Coach Laura’s methodology isn’t just about WHAT you eat; it’s about taking a balanced approach to all facets of your health, that plays a role in overall wellbeing...

Letitia Forbes

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Coming from a background in Circus Arts (performing in Cirque du Soleil for five years), Coach Teesh began her career in fitness from a young age. Starting her journey as a circus coach in 2008, she completed her Certificate...

Madison Tatt

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Coach Madison has always been involved in health and fitness, competing in swimming from an early age. Her love for nutrition came after she discovered how much of an impact it made on her performance AND her...

Oliver Plucinski

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At the start of his own health and fitness journey, Coach Oliver (Olly) tipped the scales at 117kg and, more importantly, he was very unhappy. He undertook a total lifestyle change (no mean feat!) and not only lost a lot of...

Simone Arthur

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Coach Simone has always enjoyed competitive sports, earning herself a scholarship to Southern University (U.S.) where she played division one collegiate soccer for four years while working as a strength and conditioning...

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