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Joining The Method was the best thing I did. Working with Paige has improved my relationship with food immensely. I don’t have the black and white thinking/all or nothing mentality anymore. Tracking has shown me that I don’t need to binge eat the full pack to 'start again' tomorrow. I can get results by having some treats regularly. I have learned so much about what I eat, the foods, and how it makes my body feel, perform and look.  I care way more about my training performance and strength rather than just wanting to be skinner to lose some weight.  The Method is a great way to work with knowledgeable and great coaches in an easy and accessible way. Accountability is one thing with the regular check-ins, but more so the relationship with the coach, and I can feel that Paige really cares about her clients. It’s not just a system or an app. I think it’s a really awesome way to improve health, nutrition and lifestyle with the help of someone that cares!

ULRIKE on AUG 13, 2021

El entrenador Aaron aporta una experiencia particularmente única a nuestro equipo de entrenadores. Un entusiasta de los deportes su ...

MADI on AUG 10, 2021

Caitlyn is the most incredible coach. So patient, so much wisdom, so much positivity. Her ability to always know what to say and exactly when you need to hear it is second to none. Truly sunshine in human form!

KELLIE on AUG 13, 2021

I've been with coach Laura for about 47 weeks. Have I lost 20kgs...gosh no! But I can see a huge difference in my starting picture to where I am now and that is enough to keep me going. Thanks to Laura who is always in my corner when I need her!

MALLERY on AUG 13, 2021

Caitlyn has been such a positive, encouraging, informative ray of sunshine to my nutrition journey! I've loved how her recommendations and referrals are always considered, yet genuine and candid. Caitlyn's influence has made me want better for myself beyond just meeting the minimum. I've seen great improvements in my sleep, my hair, nails, skin and my work/life balance. I've still got plenty to learn and implement and thanks to her energy and coaching style I'm really looking forward to the next steps! Superstar Coach! 

CARLI on AUG 10, 2021

My sister and I are currently working with Caitlyn and she is the most incredible person ever!! over the past 3 years of knowing and working with her it just gets better every time! Her encouragement and passion to see us be the best version of ourselves is something we admire about her!! A life long friend and coach for sure xox

CHELSEA on AUG 13, 2021

My awesome mentor, the Queen @caitlyn_mcclelland . We’ve been working together for 10 months. She’s taught me a lot about food, the soul, happiness, training, stress management, filling my own cup and the list goes on. She’s always willing to listen, always kind and understanding. I’m a much well-rounded person because of her. No words can ever say how grateful I am that Caitlyn took me on board. Forever grateful.

KELLY on AUG 11, 2021

The best notification that pops up is when there is a message from the beautiful @caitlyn_mcclelland. The most fabulous coach you could ask for!

ELLEN on AUG 10, 2021

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