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Rebekah Laslett

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Coach Rebekah (Bek) is a qualified dietitian and nutritionist, with special interests in sports nutrition, low FODMAP diets, IBS, IBD, diabetes, renal issues, heart disease, different dietary requirements, and risk of deficiencies, as well as general nutrition.


Bek brings a particularly personalised and holistic approach to client intervention by looking at all aspects that may be affecting health, before suggesting the most effective and accurate plan for the individual. She understands that one size does not fit all and that nutritional needs vary from person to person.


As a lover of food, fitness, and science, Bek was able to roll her passions into her career by becoming a qualified dietitian. Moving from a small country town in South Australia to the big city of Adelaide, she underwent a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition, before completing her Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics. Through her Masters, she gained experience working with various clients and patients within hospital and community settings, allowing Bek to have an in-depth understanding of the difference that nutrition can make to individuals’ lives.


Bek supports her clients throughout their nutrition journey by encouraging them to listen, learn and understand what their body is telling them it needs. She prides herself on providing the latest information and research, sharing experiences, providing realistic solutions, and her all-around caring approach to coaching through sustainable, life-long change.


  • Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science (The University of Adelaide)

  • Master of Nutrition and Dietetics (Flinders University)

  • Low FODMAP Trained, (Monash University) 

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