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Sarah Sealy

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Coach Sarah is a dedicated and qualified dietitian with a passion for helping athletes of all levels optimise their health, wellness, and performance through personalised nutrition strategies. She loves exploring the intricate relationship between food, the body, and peak performance.

Sarah's journey into the realm of nutrition began with her love for food and cooking, nurturing her childhood dream of becoming a chef. However, her path took a turn when she discovered a deeper fascination with the science behind nutrition and its profound impact on the body. This led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) at university.

Through her degree, clinical settings, and elite sporting environments, Sarah has developed the skills to impart her knowledge of food and nutrition to individuals, guiding them to improve their well-being and performance, and ultimately helping them reach their goals.

Sarah has a genuine passion for food and its transformative potential. She believes that nourishing the body is not only about fuelling performance but also about fostering a deeper connection with food and its impact on overall well-being. Employing a holistic approach to nutrition, she recognises that optimal performance extends beyond just food, with factors such as sleep, training, recovery, and overall well-being playing integral roles in unlocking an individual’s potential. Sarah focuses on fostering sustainable lifestyle changes tailored to each individual’s needs, preferences, and goals. Through education, empowerment, and accountability, Sarah guides her clients towards developing healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Currently pursuing accreditation as a sports dietitian, Sarah remains dedicated to expanding her knowledge and expertise in the field. She is committed to staying at the forefront of emerging research and best practices, ensuring that her clients receive the most effective guidance and support available.

One of Sarah’s greatest joys is working with athletes across the spectrum, from everyday enthusiasts to elite competitors. She thrives on building meaningful relationships with her clients, and understanding their unique goals, challenges, and preferences. Through personalised coaching and support, she empowers athletes to make informed choices about their nutrition, ultimately enhancing their performance and overall health.


  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours), Flinders University

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